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Living 50 Plus

Steps involved with estate planning

Although inevitable, death is an emotional subject that's difficult to discuss. While estate planning can make people uncomfortable, it is...

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Senior living options abound

Senior living communities often present an affordable and comfortable option for adults over the age of 55. Filled with like-minded and...

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Aging and driving

Getting behind the wheel and enjoying the freedom to travel is a luxury few are anxious to abandon. But there comes a time in nearly every...

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Pointers for adults returning to school

Today's seniors, particularly those who already have passed retirement age, may find themselves with many free hours to fill now that a job...

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Cholesterol and its relation to heart disease

High cholesterol levels have long been directly linked to heart disease. But as more research into cholesterol and its relation to heart...

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Caring for an elderly relative at home

Decisions about providing care for an aging loved one are seldom easy. Various options exist in terms of elder care, including assisted...

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