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Spring Home

Explaining carpet fibers and types

When buying carpet for the first time, homeowners can be overwhelmed with unfamiliar terminology. Navigating such terminology, not to...

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Did you know?

Homeowners looking for a rustic or weathered look for their flooring often rely on terracotta tile, a durable and versatile material that...

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Get started now on spring cleaning

Warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunlight can recharge energy levels. Upon the arrival of spring, homeowners dust off their to-do...

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Stock up on safety gear before your next DIY project

Do-it-yourself, or DIY, projects around the house can give homeowners a more personal stake in their properties. Getting their own hands...

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How to address ceiling stains

Many stains are instantly noticeable. But while a wine stain on a light-colored carpet or a gravy stain on a white shirt tend to jump out...

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The dos and don’ts of backyard fire pits

Once a rarity, fire pits have grown increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more homeowners turn their homes into private oases....

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