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Living 50 Plus


Senior living options abound

Senior living communities often present an affordable and comfortable option for adults over the age of 55. Filled with like-minded and...

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Best countries for retirement

Many couples look to downsize once they retire. Empty nest retirees may no longer need their large family homes, which can be expensive and...

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Travel tips for older adults with medical conditions

The opportunity to travel is one of the best perks of retirement. Even men and women who are only semi-retired have more freedom to travel...

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Rebounding from a late start to retirement savings

Some people do not have the ability to begin saving for retirement early on. Others may have brushed retirement savings aside for so long...

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How to avoid growing bored in retirement

From the moment young men and women first walk into the office for their first day as a working professional until the day they officially...

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Steps involved with estate planning

Although inevitable, death is an emotional subject that's difficult to discuss. While estate planning can make people uncomfortable, it is...

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