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Living 50 Plus


Cholesterol and its relation to heart disease

High cholesterol levels have long been directly linked to heart disease. But as more research into cholesterol and its relation to heart...

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Caring for an elderly relative at home

Decisions about providing care for an aging loved one are seldom easy. Various options exist in terms of elder care, including assisted...

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Keep your heart running strong into your golden years

Heart health should be a concern for people of all ages, but especially so for men and women over 50. That's because, according to the...

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Yearly eye exams can reveal more than just vision trouble

More evidence points to the importance of routine eye exams, not only to pinpoint potential conditions of the eye, but also to serve as...

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Trendy exercises to rev up workouts

Exercising consistently is a great way to get healthy. For those who find their workout routines monotonous, switching up exercises and...

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Did you know?

If you have psoriasis, an autoimmune skin condition marked by red, flaky patches on the body, you also could be at risk for a certain type...

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Home remedies for joint pain can provide relief

Stiff, painful joints affect a vast number of people. According to the American College of Rheumatology, arthritis and other rheumatic...

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Snack foods that promote better sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, changes in sleep patterns are a part of the aging process. Many people experience difficulty...

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