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The Big Day

Groom’s cakes make a comeback

Guests and well-wishers expect to see at least one cake at wedding receptions. But wedding guests should not be surprised if they attend a...

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Cake-cutting etiquette and guidelines

The presentation of the wedding cake marks the culmination of the day's festivities and a final symbol of a happy couple's new partnership....

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Hot trends in wedding cuisine

Once a couple has officially tied the knot, the newly recognized man and wife and all of their guests will retire to a party room where...

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Be smart about wedding beauty preparation

All eyes are on the bride and groom on their wedding day. Feeling beautiful and dapper can boost a couple's confidence and ensure they look...

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After party planning pointers

Nowadays, many wedding guests are not ready to call it a night after the deejay plays the last dance at the reception. After parties have...

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Music mistakes to avoid

Wedding guests are usually anxious to head to the reception, where they can let loose and party. Music is an essential component of a...

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Creative ways to make a memorable wedding entrance

Once wedding vows and rings have been exchanged, many couples join their friends and family to celebrate with a wedding reception. Many...

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Popular modern wedding first dance songs

A couple's first dance as man and wife is a cherished wedding tradition. While the first dance can help set a positive tone for the...

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