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Celebrating Halloween from a distance

Many families and close friends enjoy celebrating Halloween together, using the day as another opportunity to socialize and have kids and adults interact. But those who may be away from home this year can still keep in touch with friends and family to make Halloween special.

* Send candy. Order a box of gourmet candy and have it delivered to a special person's home. A number of different chocolate and confectionary retailers have home delivery, including the popular candy brand See's Candies(R).

* Create a Halloween digital scrapbook. Collect Halloween memories throughout the day, eventually using them to create an online photo-sharing scrapbook that others can view. Some photo-processing sites also have software to enable you to print photo books and other keepsakes, which can be designed and then sent to family as gifts.

* Video chat with friends or family members. Share the experience of Halloween in real time by connecting via video chat through a smartphone. This person can share in the fun of trick-or-treating or a Halloween party even though he or she may be out of town.

* Send digital treats. Be sure to post on friends' social media pages with animated illustrations or cute messages to let them know you're thinking about them.

* Schedule a simultaneous movie-viewing. If you cannot be together, pop in a favorite horror movie flick and then spend time discussing the plot or what scared you the most via text messaging or on the phone once the movie has ended.

* Send a Halloween greeting card. Send out a Halloween card with some money inside so that recipients can buy a few treats to enjoy on Halloween.

* Schedule a costume party for another time. Costume parties are fun regardless of the time of year. Enable Halloween to live on long past October by planning a costumed ball or another party where guests are encouraged to dress up.

* Embark on a Halloween road trip. Surprise a friend or family member with an impromptu visit on or around Halloween. Ring the doorbell in costume and yell, "trick-or-treat!"

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