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Honeymoon planning made easy

Weddings are one-of-a-kind occasions. Weddings also tend to be stressful, even for the most laid-back people. But a honeymoon gives the couple a chance to enjoy uninterrupted moments together and serves as a way to recuperate from the months and sometimes years of wedding planning.

Honeymoons are a beloved wedding tradition, and some couples even combine their weddings and honeymoons by opting for a destination wedding. Because the honeymoon should be a way to unwind on a dream vacation, booking the honeymoon and setting an itinerary should not add to the pressure of planning, and the following tips should make planning a honeymoon a snap.

* Research your destination. Learn all you can about a destination before booking your honeymoon. Study the weather for the time of year you will be on your honeymoon, and learn about currency exchange, local rules and regulations and other pertinent factors to determine the best places to visit. You do not want to be met with  surprises that might compromise your trip upon arriving to your honeymoon destination.

* Book well in advance. The sooner you choose your destination, the faster you can begin the process of applying for passports, visas or other necessary documents. Booking early also guarantees you better seats on the flight and the ability to negotiate pricing.

* Give yourself a full day between the wedding and embarking on your trip. Scenes of couples being whisked away to the airport right after the reception dwindles down are commonplace. But that doesn't mean you need to leave right after the final dance. Allow some breathing room to pack, deposit wedding gifts, return tuxedoes, and tackle any other post-wedding tasks. Save the romantic "first night" as a couple for the honeymoon and enjoy a well-deserved night's sleep.

* Purchase travel insurance. One way to alleviate the stress of planning a wedding is to ensure your honeymoon investment is protected in the event of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance is a safety net that can come in handy. Speak with a travel agent or insurance agent about how to secure travel insurance for the honeymoon.

* Pack light. Don't burden yourself down with a lot of belongings. Chances are you'll pick up new things and mementos on the trip, and packing light makes traversing airports that much easier.

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